The 'gallery of the forest' is made of foam board, balsa wood and odds and ends from my studio. It was a bit of fun after a day workshop with an architectural model-maker last year. I came upon the notion of the collaborative public curation of natural/found objects in a purpose-built forest gallery. There would be no ticket office, no loos, no shop. Just a magical place that you'd happen upon, out of nowhere. I've decided that it should be located in a fairytale wood at the edge of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - wide-spaced trees with grass underneath and dappled sunlight. Perfect!

Dreams aside, creating my own gallery space gave me an interesting insight into the effects of scale. My little experimental printed bone china squares (c. 4cm by 4cm) looked suddenly quite impressive when placed in a setting that made them appear to be 4m by 4m. My instinct is towards the small and precise, but perhaps in future I will heed my suppressed megalomanic urges...

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